Rustic Italian Wedding

Wedding in Abruzzo: Max + Sia

To celebrate their wedding, Max and Sia chose Casalanguida, an adorable village peeking out from the hills of the Abruzzi region. Saint Mary Magdalene church offered its majestic architecture to the couple; two people both glowing and touching as they have never been. The pledge, in English for him and Italian for her, followed by a moved kiss, sealed the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. 

To turn everything even more magic, there was the warmth of a whole town celebrating their party. Casalanguida was vibrant and full of colours. The elder women cooked and set up a delicious meal, full of typical tastes and flavours, in their traditional dresses. At the same time, the band was playing old traditional songs.

Max and Sia celebrated with kisses, songs and dances up to late at night, well-lighted by thousand of lanterns and a special and charming spectator: the moon. When the last note had been played and the last guest had gone, what remained was the feeling of a unique day, an amazing feast announcing – we are sure! - a love that will bring happiness and laugh for their whole life.