A Boho Wedding in Italy

Ilaria and Emanuele boho wedding

“Destiny is when you meet someone you weren't look for, and then you find out that you had never wanted anything better on Earth”. Ilaria, happy and thrilled, reads her vow and get touched by looking at Emanule, the man who is going to become her husband.

Villa La Garomba, in the marvellous village of Monchiero, in the Langhe region, welcomes this great event adorned in a perfect boho style. But most of all it's Ilaria and Emanuele's magic, their eyes, the way they smile, their caresses that enchant the guests and make them forget about the drizzle. 

All's well that ends well; the couple laughs, dances, and has fun surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, all happy and aware for this first step together, keeping in mind that if meeting each other is magic, the real romance is being together forever.