About me

My name is Jessica
Jessica Ballerini, italian wedding videographer

My passion is made of your stories.

I've been loving tales for ever, since I was young. I remember those long hours spent up to the top floor daydreaming about old books, or even in the evening, once in bed, ravished by the stories my father used to tell me before going to sleep. While I was growing up, the interest and appeal for visual communication did the rest, turning my passion into a real job, the most beautiful job ever!

During the last 10 years I had the great chance to meet many wonderful people, to travel all around Italy and abroad, and most of all, to tell extraordinary stories. I captured the very best moments of people's lives, I've always been amazed by them, and I laughed and cried with them. Every time seems like the first one: it's an intense emotion you can't forget.

Find out more about my works and be touched as I always am. Do you want to know more about it? Go to the FAQ: here you can find all the answers you need. Also, I'm available for a chat, if you'd rather prefer that: here you are my contacts!